Original from Aschaffenburg


The Pompejanus®, a beer produced according to the Pilsner brewing method.

The special feature is the so-called cold hop dosage. Here, a specially selected aroma hop is added to the barley juice only after the main fermentation in the storage cellar and is not boiled along as in the traditional method.

The result is a much spicier taste experience with fewer bitter substances and a fruity bouquet – simply more palatable!

Ergo bibamus!

Download: Flyer Pompejanus®

Pompejanus - Aschaffenburger Original

“Pure peace and again and again with pleasure

The location! The peace and the good food in the restaurant “Tenne”. Also the staff here is super friendly and courteous!”

Alexander (DE)

“Very good hotel

The staff was always very friendly and answered all questions. The pool a highlight for the kids. The surroundings are just right to relax and the four-legged friends don’t miss out either.”

Bianca (DE)