Celebrate with us

Events & banquets

If you would like to celebrate weddings, birthdays, children’s birthdays, family celebrations, Christmas parties, christenings, communions or confirmations, then you have come to the right place. Our house offers for each occasion guaranteed the suitable place and the premises. We turn your celebration into a party.

We listen, we plan your personal event together with you, so that your individual celebration becomes a success. With us in the Spessart Nature Park, celebrations of all kinds become an unforgettable experience.

We are happy to support you in choosing a suitable entertainer or DJ, because music and dance should not be missing on any celebration.

Of course, we also host banquets. Our eight banquet rooms on the first floor are perfect for banquets of all kinds with up to 180 people such as weddings, conferences etc.

Country Hotel Klingerhof - Events

Banquet offers

Choose your personal banquet consisting of snacks or a menu.
We are sure to have the right offer for you.

Event offers

Our modular event system

Combine your party according to your wishes.

  • Welcome drink

  • Buffet / menu

  • Beverages

  • Music

  • Decoration

  • Midnight snack

  • All inklusive-extra

Romans’ Banquet

On the tracks of Emperor Augustus and Julius Caesar …

  • We dress you and your guests in authentic robes

  • Mulsum for an aperitif

  • After you have taken your seat at the sumptuous table, we will serve you a menu where everything is served on plates and in bowls. There is cutlery and plates for each guest. As with a Roman feast, the meal must not stop and is served across courses.

  • Robes, decoration, accompanying drinks (Mulsum, Aschaffenburg Centurio wine and water) are included.

Bookable optionally:

  • Election of the Centurion by roman games

  • Roman storyteller

  • Belly dancer

Robber spectacle

Become a robber captain!

  • Spessart tests: Saw the tree trunk, throw pig’s feather …

  • Robber drinks (herbal fluff and robber beer)

  • Robber feast at the campfire including scoundrel broth

  • Further extras bookable

Hibb de Bach un’drib de Bach

Specialties from Hessen and Bavaria

  • Feines aus de Küch´vom Buffet wie: geräuschertes Fischchen mit Sahnemeerrettisch, Handkäs mit kräftischer Musig, Rippsche mit Kraut und DubDub mit Kohlrabigemies, Frankfurter Grie Soß mit hat gekochte Landeiern, Linsensupp mit Wörschtche …

  • Ausm Fässche Geränkepauschale für 3 Stund: Hoffmanns Äbbelwoi im Bembel, Wassär un’ Äbbelsaft

  • Zum Spülen ein Kahlgrundobstler

Event partner

Ehrlich Sport

Dirndl jumping and milking as a contest. Our local partner Ehrlich Sport has a lot to offer.

Download: Flyer Ehrlich-Events


Wanderreiten im Spessart.de

Travelling on horseback is decimation and grounding. Experience unforgettable hours on a horseback.


“Pure peace and again and again with pleasure

The location! The peace and the good food in the restaurant “Tenne”. Also the staff here is super friendly and courteous!”

Alexander (DE)

“Very good hotel

The staff was always very friendly and answered all questions. The pool a highlight for the kids. The surroundings are just right to relax and the four-legged friends don’t miss out either.”

Bianca (DE)